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Is Cordiality an Alcoholic Drink?

YES, It Is. Cordiality is a Spirit Based Drink, made with natural fruit and herb flavourings, that has an ABV (Alcohol by Volume) content of 20% when neat. This is half the alcoholic strength of a typical Vodka which is 40% ABV, making it a lighter alcohol, and lower calorie option.

What is ABV? ABV stands for Alcohol by Volume.

Cordiality when served neat has a 20% ABV (Alcohol by Volume) content.

Good to know! When 25ml of Cordiality is mixed with 125ml of non-alcoholic mixer or Sparkling Water, it is only 3.3% ABV, 1/2 a UK Unit, and 39 calories per serving!

Is Cordiality Suitable for Children?

NO, Cordiality is an Alcoholic, spirit-based drink, and only suitable for those over 18 years of age.
For further guidance on alcohol, please visit drinkaware.co.uk
Drinkaware provides independent alcohol advice, information, and tools to help people make better choices about their drinking.

Is Cordiality Suitable for Vegans?

YES, it is.

Is Cordiality Gluten Free?

YES, it is.

Is There a Lot of Sugar in Cordiality & is it Low GI?

NO, as we only use Organic Agave Syrup to sweeten.

Agave is naturally sweeter than sugar, so we can use less of it to get the right level of sweetness, making Cordiality both low GI and a lower calorie option.

Good to know! One 25ml serving is 39 calories.

Can You Mix Cordiality with Anything Other Than Sparkling Water?

YES, you absolutely can. Head over to our mixology page https://www.yourcordiality.com/pages/mixology for inspired cocktail recipes made using wine, rum, gin, tequila, and sparkling wine; or simply pair with your favourite non-alcoholic mixer.

Good to know! We will be regularly updating our mixology section with new recipes and concoctions from professional cocktail afficionados and our favourite ideas of yours too!

What is the Difference Between an Alcoholic Cordial and a Liqueur?

Alcoholic cordials and liqueurs are age-old terms originating from alcohol that was fortified with herbs, thought to be a provision to assist the heart. In America, a cordial and a liqueur mean the same thing.

Cordiality is a modern take on an alcoholic cordial. We do not see ourselves as a liqueur as we do not use high amounts of sugar in our products.

How Do I Store Cordiality?

Cordiality should always be stored in a cool dry place and kept out of direct sunlight.
It is fine to keep refrigerated.

Can I Recycle the Product Packaging, What Is It Made From?

Yes, the bottles are glass and can be recycled in curb side collections, or at a recycling centre.
Bottle stoppers are made from wood and cork pulp.
All outer carton packaging is made from card, so recyclable too.

Good to know! All card and papers used for our labels and product packaging are sustainably sourced and either FSC, FSC Mixed Credit or made from recycled materials.

Do You Have Any New Flavours Coming Out?

YES, we have several delicious new flavours up our sleeves!
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What Delivery Options Are There & When Will My Order Arrive?

We offer several options on delivery, please see the services offered to select from, and applicable costs at point of checkout.

The time frame to receive your order will be determined by the service you have selected.

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Will I Receive an Order Confirmation?

YES, you will be notified by email.

Will I Be Notified That My Order Has Shipped?

YES, you will be notified by email.

What Should I Do if My Order Has Not Arrived by the Time Expected?

You should have received an email from us upon dispatch with your shipment details and courier contact information on. If not received, please check your junk folder in case their communication has found its way there.

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Do You Accept Returns & What is Your Refund Policy?

We respect every customer’s statutory rights. Please refer to our Returns, Refunds and Exchange Policy https://www.yourcordiality.com/pages/return-policy