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Modern Slavery Statement

In 2015 the Government passed into law the Modern Slavery Act.
At Cordiality Ltd. we recognise that we have a moral duty to ensure that the way we do business is responsible and does not impact negatively on either those we work with, our immediate surroundings or the wider world we live in.
Cordiality Ltd. develop, retail and wholesale a range of premium lower alcohol cordials; our products are developed, manufactured and sold in the UK.
Cordiality Ltd. is a partnership incorporated in November 2022, based in Bath, United Kingdom, which engages the use of additional specialist freelance resource and professional services, as the business requires.
We, at Cordiality, wholeheartedly support the aims of this Act to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our own organisation, and within the supplier base that we use.
We are committed to ensuring our suppliers meet the highest standards of ethics and demonstrate fair working conditions.
Our suppliers are required to sign our Code of Conduct which highlights our intolerance of the use of child labour or exploitation of any other vulnerable group, and must confirm that wages and working conditions are in line with, and comply with all applicable local, national and international laws and standards.
We outline that we may terminate a supplier’s contract at any time if we become aware of any instances of modern slavery.
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Jamillah Booty & Tine Stapelfeldt
Dated 14.11.2023
Cordiality Limited - Registered Company Number: 14466324
Sustainability & Ethics
Being fair, kind and honest with the people we work with, and thoughtful in our outlook.
Whether sourcing and manufacturing our products in the UK, Europe or further afield, we want to produce products that we can feel proud of.
We strive to be innovative and forward-thinking; pro-actively investigating new ingredients, materials and production techniques; in addition to regularly monitoring the impact of our business activities both now, and as we grow.
We are serious about maintaining a responsible, transparent business and supply chain, working only with companies who meet our ethical and environmental criteria both locally and overseas, specifying product ingredients and packaging with care, and utilising materials that are sustainable, recyclable and minimise waste.
At Cordiality we want to minimise our impact on the environment and be a climate-positive workforce. Every month we offset our carbon emissions via the planting of trees.
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Giving Back
At Cordiality, we recognise the importance of looking outwards, supporting both local and global communities.
The benefits we can help generate as a business for the organisations we support, and the immense sense of personal fulfilment we get as individuals, fuels us.
Dress It Forward collects pre-loved dresses and suits from both the UK and South Africa and gives them for free to students in South Africa who would otherwise not have anything to wear to their own prom. This then relieves their families of the financial burden of their Graduation Ball.
Tine, having close links to the fashion industry, working as a model is a trustee of the charity, and Jamillah who has worked in marketing with several well-known fashion brands fund raises through regular events.
Both believe fiercely in the power of fashion to empower young people and future generations.
For teens in the slums and townships outside Cape Town, the graduation ball is the most important day of their lives. And for good reason. In the townships of South Africa the graduation (or ‘Matric’) ball is a momentous occasion. So few young women and men actually graduate, that those who do are treated like celebrities and attending the high school prom is a real sign of achievement; but for many – while they may have made it to the ball – their families simply cannot afford the cost of a dress or suit for them to wear.
To find out more about this amazing initiative visit:
TreeSource provide future proofed regenerative treescapes with soil dynamics at their heart. Championing the adoption of widespread wilding, helping to restore biodiversity whilst demonstrating the living value of trees for agricultural land and woodlands.
We wholeheartedly believe in TreeSource’s ethos and objectives. Cordiality will offer continuous support via hands-on planting and funding, to help fulfil their goals.
Based outside of Bath, where Cordiality are based, their Cold Ashton site produce resilient trees as part of a diverse ecosystem. They prioritise growing food and medicinal trees and those grown from ancient and veteran tree seeds. Planting mixed, locally adapted trees and plants with the dual objectives of bringing people together to take part in the restoration of nature and also, to re-imagine trees as a productive part of the land.
They aim to plant as many trees as needed to suit the land and community, concentrating on creating wildlife habitat and recovering nature.
The resulting landscape will range from mixed woodland to riparian forest buffers, to less densely planted forest gardens.
To find out more about TreeSource visit:
RefYouMe (RYM) is a volunteering and fundraising community supporting refugees in Calais and Dunkirk.
It believes that everyone deserves the support of a community. That's why they organise regular volunteering trips to support grassroots refugee charities based in Northern France providing humanitarian aid, in addition to fundraising and the donating of life saving, essential supplies.
RefYouMe’s mission is to make it easy for people to donate their time to the people who need it most. To offer friendship, support and aid to refugees fleeing from war, persecution, oppression and climate crisis.
Now volunteering regularly, Tine and Carmen met when on a trip to Calais, both were highly moved by the experience. Tine, after returning from her first trip, knew she wanted to do more to help, and soon after co-founded the Love Is Power Festival to raise funds and promote awareness for RefYouMe; Carmen supports the RYM community on an ongoing basis working across a range of initiatives, and Jam has actively supported by collecting food and clothing donations for these trips and giving her time.
To find out more visit: