Our Motto

not just a pretty bottle

We don’t know about you, but we suspect that like us you don’t want to eat the same meal every day. In the same way, we don’t want to drink the same thing every time we fancy a tipple. Versatility is our motto after all!
When we went in search for ‘healthier’ alcohol options (to be clear, we would never promote alcohol ever as being healthy), we quickly discovered that what we wanted to drink changed on a day-to-day basis or depending on the situation.
Being ‘healthier’ to us, meant trying to limit ourselves to one drink (maybe two!). However, we couldn’t help but feel that only drinking ‘a gin’, ‘a hard seltzer’, or ‘a vodka lime and soda’, was all that was left to us. We didn’t want to get blotto’ed, but nor did we want to be choice-limited, destined to be typecast to a few sorry options and filling-up on soft drinks for the rest of the evening.
Some days we would want a traditional favourite. For instance, a cool crisp rosé (particularly if the sun was out). If we were feeling sophisticated with the girls, we’d be choosing cocktails. After work - aperitivos. A light, refreshing drink at home perhaps or a punchbowl at a BBQ. A strong nightcap. Shots on a night out. You get the gist.
Oh, and wine! Delicious, delectable wine. Our desire and our downfall. It was obvious we were never going to fully give it up and our only choice then, was to cut it down.
We were left in a quandary. What was the alternative? What were our non-negotiables?
Above and beyond everything, any beverage that we would make had to taste ‘absolutely delicious’ – non-negotiable. Our drink needed to provide ‘healthier alcoholic options’; be low on calories, low GI, low ABV possibilities, be made with natural ingredients, gluten free and vegan – also, all non-negotiable.
As important to us as all these other points, was ‘variety’. Being able to have choice and adapt to personal taste was essential and integral to why, and how Cordiality has been created.
Our ‘suggested serve’ is to mix a 25ml serving of Cordiality with sparkling water and lots of ice; essentially becoming a low ABV and low calorie, hard seltzer style drink. Not limited to this though are the options of the type of drink you can make with Cordiality; Bellinis, endless cocktails, ice-cold shots, adult retro slushies, the list goes no. We advocate unlimited choice but do not condone drinking in excess.
Try your hand at a few of our cocktails on our ‘Mixology’ page or have fun creating some of your own.
Share your ideas with us on Instagram: your_cordiality_ Or send your recipes and pictures to us at hello@yourcordiality.com and we will add the best ones to our socials and mixology blogs (a bottle may wing its way to you, as a thank you)!