seventy + mochi pop-up

seventy + mochi pop-up

seventy + mochi Pop-up

@anthropologie, kings road - london

Seventy + Mochi is a female founded, design led, consciously kind denim brand. Created in 2020, it is a

tribute to family and community, to traditional craftsmanship and the working woman.

5th of October 23 - A Perfect Pairing

values & synergy

Sharing their ethos of sustainability, socially conscious business practices, alongside female encouragement, empowerment and inclusivity, we have been huge Fans of Seventy + Mochi since their inception; with every season drop extending the wardrobes of the #CorCrew at Cordiality.


Then, for the first time, as Anthropologie’s best selling denim brand, Seventy + Mochi hit the Kings Road store for their exclusive pop-up Cordiality were invited to support them on launch day


We loved how their AW23 clothes complimented Cordiality colours! What an incredible launch!


CorCrew at Cordiality
AW23 Complimenting Cordiality Colours
seventy + mochi Launch Day