yurtel & COrdiality

yurtel & COrdiality

Yurtel & Cordiality - Somerset Festival Hedonism

sOmerset FESTIval hedonism

The British festival scene is considered one of the best in the world!

Yurtel bring the luxury, exclusivity and first-class service, accommodation, artisan bars

(featuring delicious Cordiality Cocktails), spas, hot tubs and award-winning restaurants.

Yurtel - Luxury Camping
21st-25th June 2023 - festival fun #CorCrew

mixing it up

Cordiality’s first introduction to the public couldn’t have been at a more iconic festival, set in the beautiful Somerset countryside, near Glastonbury, where we teamed up with luxury camping pioneers Yurtel, whose exclusive glamping field, is rightly described as ‘A Barefoot Luxury Sanctuary’.


Cordiality Cocktails were created and served by Yurtel's Mixology Crew at their bar and lawn lounge, and were the perfect way to ease in or out of a long, hot day at Glasto and featured in the Yurtel 2023 playbook.


Cordiality Cocktails Served by Yurtel's Mixology Crew
Cordiality Cocktails
British Festival Scene