About COrdiality

about cOrdiality


We are a Bath based company, surrounded by lush countryside; as avid gardeners, we are inspired by the quality of produce, and abundance of nature to be found in our part of the world.


Interestingly, the West Country’s fertile surroundings have always been motivational for creating products derived from nature, as a company called ‘Philips of Bristol’, used to produce ‘Old English Alcoholic Cordials’.

Their cordials were popular in the 1970’s. With traditional flavours such as Lovage, Pink Cloves and Shrub, they were the last company to create alcoholic cordials (that we know of) before us.

Established in 1739 in Baldwin Street , J R Phillips was once Bristol's oldest wine merchant.


We aim to bring alcoholic cordials back to life!


It’s a very adult way to enjoy the essence and flavours of nature but Cordiality curate them for a modern palate.

We wholeheartedly believe that alcoholic cordials deserve to be revived. It’s a mission close to our ‘cor’.

We have many more mouth-watering flavour combinations up our sleeve. Keep an eye out for them – they could arrive at any time!


Try your hand at a few of our cocktails on our ‘Mixology’ page or have fun creating some of your own.

Try our flavours and tell us what you think at: hello@yourcordiality.com Or join in the conversation at: your_cordiality_ on Instagram.


Please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you!


Cheers, Team Cordiality

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