what is a cOrdial?

About Cordiality

what is a cOrdial?


In the USA, the terms ‘Liqueur’ and ‘Cordial’ actually mean the same thing, and are alcoholic drinks; while in the UK and Europe, a cordial is usually considered as being non-alcoholic.


The word ‘cordial’ comes from the Latin ‘cor’ for heart, born from the medieval custom of serving liqueurs as stimulating medicines for the heart.

Cordiality is a modern ‘twist’ on Alcoholic Cordials. which actually have a very long history.

The French word liqueur also has Latin roots; ‘liquefacere’ meaning to dissolve or melt.


Liqueurs are sweetened alcoholic drinks made by re-distilling or mixing spirits with flavourings and sometimes colourings.


Liqueurs tend to have a high sugar content and therefore are high in calories, which is why we do not refer to Cordiality as a liqueur.


Cordiality uses premium organic agave syrup which contains less glucose and has a lower GI than table sugar.


As agave syrup tastes 25% sweeter than sugar, less is needed to attain the right level of sweetness and calories are reduced.


Water is the expected mixer to add to a cordial. The suggested way to serve Cordiality is with sparkling water and ice.


We hope you enjoy!



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